A Letter From Our President

Welcome to Delta Sigma at UC Berkeley! If you are considering recruitment, we hope that our website shows you that Delta Sigma is full of strong, inspiring women who strive to make a positive influence on our community. If you are an alumni or a current member, I hope this website makes you feel at home.

These past few years have included incredible growth, many challenges, and great achievements. Below, I will give you a glimpse of the last few years and take the time to recognize some of the wonderful women who have made this transition and our couple of years as Delta Sigma an amazing success!


Before Delta Sigma, we were the Sigma chapter of Alpha Omicron Pi. I joined as the first fall pledge class of Delta Sigma in 2017 and I immediately recognized the kind, close connected community within this sisterhood.  The bond between this group of womxn was incredible and something I was so excited to become a part of. I felt so at home that after my first semester I moved into the house. Delta Sigma is made up of the most passionate, outstanding womxn i have ever met. They inspire me everyday to make a difference and to be the best version of myself. 


Our fall 2016 began with a Pre-Recruitment, led by our wonderful Director of Recruitment KT, which deeply bonded this chapter. Our sisters were ecstatic to show off our sisterhood and home to the rushees that week. However, on the last day of Pre-Recruitment, we lost our AOII charter due to financial reasons. Although this had the power to break our sisterhood, without missing a beat we began preparing ourselves for the next steps. The passion and energy of the following days led us to the decision that our collective values are what bind us - not the letters we wear - and that we could remain united to form our own new, local sorority. And that’s just what happened; alumni and collegiate members alike took the negativity and turned it all around, and the momentum did not stop until we reached our goal.


To many, this seemed impossible - but to us it appeared as the only valid option. 


Instead of participating in Recruitment, each sister gathered in the dining room to rebuild and redesign our chapter based on the qualities we loved about our sisterhood. In addition to deciding on a crest, song, and philanthropy, we chose the amethyst as our stone, symbolizing peacefulness and assimilation of new ideas, the compass as our symbol, representing our new direction and the journey, and the lily as our flower, for ambition, devotion, and optimism. When deciding on our new letters, we wanted them to embody the legacy of the alumnae who came before us. To express our gratitude for you all– the women who built our foundation– we retained the “Sigma” that distinguished our chapter. We paired the Sigma with the letter “Delta,” the symbol of change, and created a name for our new chapter that united our past with our future as a new sorority, Delta Sigma. Despite all of the obstacles that were thrown in our way, we showed devotion to our values, each other, and our history, and grew more determined than ever.


Under the phenomenal leadership of our 2016 President Annie, we built this sorority from the ground up; Annie worked closely with the State of California, Lead Center, Panhellenic Council, attorneys, and our Sigma 1916 board to establish us as a new organization, Delta Sigma! Annie is the definition of a Delta Sigma: a strong, compassionate, and kind leader who fights for what is right.


What have we done in our first few years as Delta Sigma? We have participated in three Fall Formal Recruitments where we grew and gained amazing new sisters! We’ve been fortunate enough to experience exciting new sisterhood events in these few years, like ice block sledding down 4.0 hill, lip sync battles, day trips to six flags/SF, Women’s March, go-kart racing, and holiday parties/gift exchanges. We've loved getting dressed up - whether in silly themes for fraternity exchanges and invites, or formal wear to date parties. We just celebrated our recent date party on a yacht that circled the beautiful San Francisco Bay at night. Our lovely Spring Pledge class of 11 ladies were welcomed into our home with a Bid Day spent at an old church converted into a roller rink in the Mission District of SF.


In closing, I would like to quote Kiki, one of our alumni, who said during Recruitment, “I joined this house for the womxn in it, not the letters on the outside.” This message eloquently sums up the mission of the past few years in uniting our sisterhood through our common values. And we've only grown closer for it, only now as Delta Sigma! 




Natalie Gold

Delta Sigma Chapter President 2020