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A Letter From Our President

Welcome to Delta Sigma at UC Berkeley! On behalf of our chapter, I would like to welcome you to our website. To all of our alumnae and current members, I hope this website makes you feel at home. To all of you considering going through recruitment, I hope that exploring this platform shows you that Delta Sigma is comprised of incredibly diverse, talented, and accomplished women who strive to make a positive impact on our community. 

In 2016-2017, our chapter transitioned from being the Sigma chapter of Alpha Omicron Pi to establishing our own sorority of Delta Sigma. Through this transition, we were able to redesign our chapter based on the qualities we cherished about our sisterhood. To honor the foundation built by our wonderful alumnae, we retained the “Sigma” that distinguished our chapter. We paired the “Sigma” with the letter “Delta,” meaning “change,” to recognize our journey as a new sorority. From selecting the arctic fox as our animal to symbolize persistence and infinite adaptability to choosing the compass as our symbol to represent our new direction, Delta Sigma has shown devotion to our values and each other while embracing change. 

At Delta Sigma, each one of us brings something exceptional to our sisterhood. The women of Delta Sigma work within the ASUC, write for the Daily Cal, participate in various scientific research labs, and volunteer within our local community. I am constantly in awe of how our sisters balance class, work, and the fun that Cal and Delta Sigma have to offer. 

On a more personal note, joining Delta Sigma in the spring of 2021 has been the best decision of my undergraduate career. As someone who spent their freshman year online and at home, I was apprehensive about finding my community in college; however, upon joining Delta Sigma, I met the women who made me feel like I belonged at Cal. My sisters have become my study buddies, my support system, and my lifelong friends. When I recall fond memories of my college experience to date, I think of living in our beautiful house on Prospect Street, all the Bid Days, getting ice cream with my lineage, and exploring San Francisco with my sisters. This chapter has helped me grow into a better, more confident version of myself. No words can express the gratitude I have for Delta Sigma and I hope this website shows you why I am proud to call this place my home away from home.


All my love,

Sophia Velilla

Delta Sigma Chapter President 2023

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