A Letter From Our President

Welcome to Delta Sigma at UC Berkeley! If you are considering recruitment, we hope that our website shows you that Delta Sigma is full of strong, inspiring women who strive to make a positive influence on our community. If you are an alumnus or a current member, I hope this website makes you feel at home.

In 2016-17, this chapter transition from being the Sigma chapter of Alpha Omicron Pi to creating our own sorority of Delta Sigma. In this, we were able to rebuild and redesign our chapter based on the qualities we loved about our sisterhood. In addition to deciding on a crest, song, and philanthropy, we chose the amethyst as our stone, symbolizing peacefulness and assimilation of new ideas, the compass as our symbol, representing our new direction and the journey, and the lily as our flower, for ambition, devotion, and optimism. When deciding on our new letters, we wanted them to embody the legacy of the alumnae who came before us. To express our gratitude for you all– the women who built our foundation– we retained the “Sigma” that distinguished our chapter. We paired the Sigma with the letter “Delta,” the symbol of change, and created a name for our new chapter that united our past with our future as a new sorority, Delta Sigma. Despite all of the obstacles that were thrown in our way, we showed devotion to our values, each other, and our history, and grew more determined than ever.


I joined the fall pledge class of Delta Sigma in 2018. I immediately recognized the amazing bond this sisterhood shared and was very excited to become a part of it. The friends I've made here and the experience I've had with Delta Sigma have enhanced my college experience and exceeded my expectations for what a sorority could be. When I think back to my favorite memories in college so far, I remember my bid day doing Karaoke in SF with my pledge class, getting countless brunches with my lineage, and visiting NYC with my sisters over winter break. I feel so lucky to be a part of Delta Sigma and I hope this website gives you a glimpse into everything we love about our sisterhood.

Jackie Lanzalotto

Delta Sigma Chapter President 2021