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DEI Statement from Delta Sigma

Delta Sigma was founded on the values of courage, love, and wisdom. As a local sorority, we understand that Greek life is built on values that have kept the system exclusive on a historical and institutional level. In order to break down the barriers that were made, we must take action by uplifting underrepresented voices and continue to actively combat these issues. 


In our chapter, the Director of Community Development is a position dedicated to the fostering of an inclusive and loving house where members of all races, ethnicities, socio-economic backgrounds, & gender and sexual identities can feel welcomed and respected as members of Delta Sigma. While this position is specifically focused on advancing the opportunities and involvement of members who are a part of marginalized communities, it is our belief that by creating a space that encourages reflection and vulnerability, we will form a more empathetic and supportive community amongst all members.

What is community development and DEI?

In 2016-17, UC Berkeley’s Panhellenic Executive Council (PHC) created the position – VP of Community Development. This position was geared toward the critical areas needed in the PHC community and soon later expanded diversity and inclusion in all PHC organizations. Director of Community Development was a position that was newly implemented in all the chapters at around the same time, where each chapter’s representative was accountable for community development education each semester and has become a key resource for DEI initiatives in the PHC community.

What does diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) mean? What about justice?

Diversity – “The importance of understanding and appreciating the cultural differences between race, ethnic, and gender groups”

Equity – “Equity is the quality of being fair and impartial” and “Involves treating each individual according to [their] needs”

Inclusion – “How diversity is leveraged to create a fair, equitable, healthy, and high-performing organization or community where all individuals are respected, feel engaged and motivated, and their contributions toward meeting organizational and societal goals are valued.”

Justice – The steps that we actively take and the work that we do to realize the values of DEI within our organization and ourselves to break down the institutional and mental barriers that have kept Greek life a historically oppressive institution.


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Delta Sigma Initiatives

  • In 2017, Amy Philips, Delta Sigma’s first Director of Community Development went to PHC Community Development meetings to help contour and define the role of community development. This was during the time that the position was newly created and implemented among all the UC Berkeley chapters in the Panhellenic community. 

  • Delta Sigma was one of the first chapters to officially adopt the position into our Executive Board. 

UC Berkeley Resources

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