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Spring 2024 COB

Coffee Chat Sign Ups Now CLOSED

Dear Potential New Members, 

My name is Preethi, and I’m Delta Sigma’s Director of Recruitment! I’m so excited to get the opportunity to meet all of you and welcome in our new class of Sigmas! When I joined Delta Sigma in fall 2021, my heart belonged to the house before I ever set foot on its steps.Overwhelmed with the passion, diversity, and commitment that the sisters demonstrated in our short chats, every round of fall formal recruitment reaffirmed that these were my people. After bid day, My fascination only grew the more I got to know our house and my sisters.

The story of how we became Delta Sigma is one that speaks to our strength and dedication. Our unique position as a local sorority has given us the opportunity to to have autonomy with our bylaws, choose our own local philanthropy, and bond with a close knit alumni network. Aside from the organization itself being one I am proud to represent, the memories I’ve made while here are my most cherished. From weekly House of Dragon in the TV room, Pitch Perfect acapella renditions for all to hear, big little reveal at the hospital, and mobbing to Hasan Minhaj, you can rely on Delta Sigma to keep you on your toes. But first and foremost, Delta Sigma is what it is because of the people. I know that I can always depend on my sisters to motivate me when I’m at my lowest, to inspire me to do things I never thought possible, to embrace our differences, and to celebrate our individuality. And above all, they will always embody our values of courage, love, and wisdom.

I know that the recruitment process can be nerve wrecking, but I would like to assure you that if you approach this opportunity with sincerity and enthusiasm, you will find a chapter that is genuine, caring, and empowering, just like I was able to! I am forever grateful to all the incredible women in our Panhellenic community, and I hope you all are able to experience the love and respect I felt throughout this process. We are so excited for you to meet some of our wonderful sisters, learn more about our chapter, and potentially find your home at Delta Sigma!









We'll see you next Fall <3

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