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COVID-19 Recruitment Updates:

  • Fall 2021 Primary Recruitment's format will be adjusted to structured virtual recruitment to make this process as safe as possible

  • PHC will be hosting 3 info sessions via Zoom over the next few weeks detailing more about the recruitment process and the Panhellenic sorority experience at Berkeley.

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A Letter From Our Director of Recruitment

Dear Potential New Members,

My name is Zhulin Dixon, and I am Delta Sigma’s Director of Recruitment. I am so excited to welcome you into our sisterhood and share a bit about why Delta Sigma means so much to me. I joined the chapter as a freshman in Fall 2018, and could not have envisioned a more loving home over these past 3 years. From living in the house, girls trips around the U.S., Sex and the City marathons in the TV room, dancing on party buses to SF for my Bid Day, hometown dates with my Little, and late-night talks with my roomies, I truly found my lifelong friends in Delta Sigma. As the one constant that has remained at the heart of my college experience, Delta Sigma has empowered me to grow as a leader in the footsteps of our Berkeley founders. I hope to continue building a chapter rooted in passion, diversity, and commitment to one another. Founded on love and the strength of women, Delta Sigma inspires me and my sisters to follow our dreams, fight for what we believe in, and carry on our legacy.

While the Recruitment process may seem overwhelming, I encourage you to reflect on what you are looking for in sisterhood and embrace the opportunity to meet so many amazing Panhellenic women. I joined Delta Sigma for the women in the chapter, where I knew I could find my home away from home. Despite the challenges of this past year, my sisters kept me grounded amidst a world uprooted by a global pandemic. By staying true to yourself and your values, I am confident that you will also find a chapter as genuine, caring, and passionate as I did. We can’t wait for you to meet some of our wonderful sisters, learn more about our chapter, and potentially find your own home in Delta Sigma <3