Dear Potential New Members, 

My name is Michelle Yuan, and I’m Delta Sigma’s Director of Recruitment. I’m so excited to welcome you into our sisterhood and share with you a little bit of what Delta Sigma means to me. From the moment I joined my freshman year in the fall of 2019, I knew that this was going to be my forever home. Whether it’s showing my Little the city of Chicago for the first time, going on spring break trips with my roommates, or dancing on party busses on the way to the city for Bid Day, I know that the experiences that I’ve shared and the friendships I’ve fostered in Delta Sigma are for a lifetime. Some of the best memories I’ve made here at Cal have been with my sisters, and I’m so excited to make countless more. Delta Sigma instantly gave me an accepting and loving community to be a part of, and now, I can express my gratitude for our house by helping others find that community too. 


As the one constant that has remained at the heart of my college experience, Delta Sigma has empowered me to grow as a leader in the footsteps of our Berkeley founders. I hope to continue building a chapter rooted in passion, diversity, and commitment to one another. Founded on love and the strength of women, Delta Sigma inspires me and my sisters to follow our dreams, fight for what we believe in, and carry on our legacy.


While the Recruitment process may seem overwhelming, I encourage you to reflect on what you are looking for in a sisterhood and embrace this opportunity to meet so many incredible women in the Panhellenic community. By staying true to yourself and your values, I am confident that you will find a chapter as genuine, caring, and passionate as I did. We are so excited for you to meet some of our wonderful sisters, learn more about our chapter, and potentially find your home at Delta Sigma! 









2022 Fall Primary Recruitment 


8/25 & 8/26                                       8/27                                        8/28                                          8/29                           8/30

Questions about Recruitment? 

THANK YOU! Will chat soon <3